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Sitz Bath / Low Stool

Low Stool and Sitz Bath are special type ­equipment for fast and efficient way to relieve many painful and unpleasant health problems. This procedure is commonly known as hydrotherapy, and sometimes called as a hip bath. This treatment is recommended for hemorrhoids and other conditions. The Sitz bath is basically a warm bath that includes immersion of the thighs or the hips in the water. A Sitz bath should be lukewarm, and not too hot.

Appropriate temperatures for this therapy vary from 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit, or 38 to 40 degrees Celsius. A Sitz bath can be very effective for minor degrees and simple occurrence of hemorrhoids where treatment is needed from usual indicators such as prickling, blister, and itching. Sitz bath have long been regarded for let-up all types of anal or vaginal strain.

RMS Sitz Bath is manufactured of high gloss white acrylic, equipped with chrome plated brass and copper fittings and trim. RMS Sitz Bath makes this type of treatment really comfortable experience due to special anatomical design and features.

Special features / anatomical design: