• Over The Tub Shower
Proudly made in USA


V-07-OT Over The Tub Showers

A high quantity of different functions for your hydrotherapy tub is essential for your spa menu. Some accessories may add a significant quantity of treatments to the spa menu, expanding your client retention. RMS® affusion / VIchy Showers OT series are designed to fit over RMS luxury hydrotherapy tub (any model from JUMBL LINE X-tra or JUMBO LINE PLATINUM series).

NOTE: For Vichy Shower over the tub installation the tub must be equipped with optional Hydrotop system that provides unique opportunities for any spa. Within less than 1 minute any therapist can easily install 2 segment Hydrotop on a tub, converting it into a highly advanced self-draining wet table with a specially molded head support, mattress pad and a comfortable face opening for back massage or other types of treatments requiring the client to lie down on their belly.

By providing treatment packages and multiple services in the same room such a set of equipment is the perfect solution for a large sized or small sized day spa. Having all-in-one equipment makes your business much more profitable, significantly expands your services and improves client retention. It is also the best solution for VIP home/estate based spas where one therapist can provide practically al types of spa services for the whole family .

All RMS equipment is proudly built in the USA using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. High quality brass, copper, bronze and acrylic guarantee longevity and offer the best functionality of these ergonomic and highly advanced professional showers.

RMS offers the choice of 2 of the most advanced affusion / Vichy Shower models designed to fit over the tub: VO-7-OT Exclusive and VO-7-OT Standard. The unique pivot design of these showers lets you easily move the shower rainbar away keeping it along the wall when not in use. This feature makes treatments much more comfortable for both clients and therapists. Affusion / Vichy showers available two finishes: Polished Chrome or "Gold" finish (see Specifications / Technical Data for more information).

VO-7-OT Exclusive model is equipped with 14 shower heads.
VO-7-OT Standard model is equipped with 7 shower heads.

Each shower head (special design) equipped with: