World Class Spa Gadgets and
Equipment from RMS ®

Designed and manufactured by RMS ®, Co. in California.



Immerse yourself into full clear surround sounds, where luxurious therapy combines with an advanced marine grade stereo system. The bathe...


A beautiful interior and exterior are above everything you've seen. Elegant high-gloss acrylic and chrome finish adds warmth and beauty t...


C-280 T-REM Emerald Bay Hydrotherapy Tub offers a luxurious retreat from everyday stress. Its design philosophy combines beauty, craft, a...

Extremity Tubs

Elegant extremity whirlpools. Equipped with whisper quiet water pump and water - air jets. Automatic water mixing system / thermixer allo...

TR-190 MB-05

Hydrotherapy tub class Economy. Best value for your money. This tub is equipped with underwater jets, providing underwater hydrotherapy t...

RMS® offers a complete line of
exclusive spa equipment

Allow us to pamper you…
RMS® products are specially designed to create immediate satisfaction and long lasting memories every time you use them. Style and Beauty. Function and Elegance. We will spoil you with a wealth of unexpected pleasure from our tubs.

RMS® offers a complete line of exclusive spa equipment. RMS® Intelli-Tub®(s) are the most sophisticated well-being gadgets for any 5-star hotel spa, VIP room or luxury residence.

RMS® tubs are superior by design and function to any other spa tubs in the world. Everything within the finely crafted and spacious RMS® tubs designed to operate smoothly, providing you with everything you need for a healthy life style.
Get an exceptional value on a premium tub. Beneath our exquisitely crafted exterior lies an abundance of leading-edge technologies.

Ignite your passion for extraordinary spa experiences—extraordinary hydro massage belongs in an extraordinary environment. An RMS® tub is a complete transformation of your spa-resort or home spa into a dream world of exclusive luxury and pleasure.
See Detailed RMS® tubs Features, Functions, and Specifications in Downloadable RMS® General Product Catalog.



Planning a new spa project with a wet room?
Having a lot of questions?
Have no idea which license would allow you to operate the wet room spa tub/showers?
Doesn’t know where to start?
Your plumber/spa designer doesn’t know anything about spa showers and spa tubs?
Not sure if you can afford professional help?
Doesn’t know where to look for those who really can help you with your wet room(s) project?


1. We have all the answers for your questions.

2. We will send you the whole package of docs your City Inspector requires to approve the project.

3. We will talk to your City Inspector upon your request to provide him with all the answers to the questions he may have about your project.

4. We will provide your plumber with all the drawings and plumbing diagrams to make his task simple and clear.

5. We will talk to your plumber upon your request to provide him with professional answers.

6. We sell CSA approved equipment for your project which will be approved by the City.

7. Upon your request in advance, we will review your facility floor plan/layout to let you know which types of spa showers and spa tubs to install there.

RMS® products are manufactured solely in the USA using only the highest quality components. RMS® equipment is highly reliable and extremely low maintenance. RMS® recommends replacing some expendable parts from time to time as specified in your equipment Instruction Manual.

RMS® products are designed with easy access to any part or component, saving you time and money. With detailed instructions provided by RMS® a local plumber or electrician can easily perform any required service.

All RMS® equipment is factory water tested for an extended period at the final stage of the assembly providing the highest level of quality control. The electronic and electrical systems designed by RMS® engineers go thru a triple test quality procedure before installation and final testing.

At RMS®, we believe our success is best measured by your success, which is why we have created a line of equipment dedicated to keeping you at your best. RMS® products are constructed for optimum strength and durability.

Pre-planning wet rooms and facilities for future hydrotherapy installation is a very important step. To handle such a task you should have enough knowledge of the operations or hire a knowledgeable consultant, architect, designer or general contractor.

To help spa owners with this complex task RMS® has designed our unique line of equipment with all hard to plumb parts integrated into the equipment itself to eliminate concealed plumbing in walls and floors. Simply stated, the only thing you need to do when you are installing RMS® professional showers or tubs is installed the right size pipes (as per RMS® technical drawings provided at the time of placing order) inside walls and floors. RMS® detailed Installation Guidelines make this task simple and easy for any qualified plumber, electrician or general contractor. All complicated plumbing connectors, commercial grade thermixers, etc. are factory integrated into the equipment itself and do not require inside wall or floor installation. These important details make the whole process of RMS® professional shower and tubs installation easy, fast and affordable. Even a novice having just a basic knowledge of plumbing can easily complete most installation of RMS® equipment in one or two days providing significant savings for your project budget.

At RMS®, we are committed to excellent technical support and customer service. These include email and call center support, a robust knowledge base, complete documentation, and more. Technical questions are answered in fast, professional and courteous manner. Most of the technical information is provided in RMS® Installation Guidelines, available upon request or on this website.