• shower waterfall panels RMS
Proudly made in USA


CS-1 Magic Waterfall Line

Originally designed for use in European 5 star resorts and luxury private estates, the CS-1 line of shower waterfall panels represent the ultimate in luxury and relaxation. For less than the cost of a weekend at your favorite spa resort, you can have years of luxurious relaxation right in the comfort of your own home.

Designed and manufactured in the USA, the CS-1 line is made form the highest quality materials and components. The panel is hand-crafted form the same exotic composite materials and processes used in the manufacturing of multi-million dollar luxury yachts. The valves are custom chrome-plated brass, machined exclusively for RMS. Internal plumbing include stainless steel hoses and brass or galvanized fittings.

The CS-1 products are designed for DIY or professional installation. Since all the critical components are included in or with the panles, most panels can be installed without breaking into existing walls, resulting in low cost, inexpensive, same day installation!

Similar construction would require multiple days of demolitions, installation and wall repair; a very expensive option especially if custome tile work is involved. Invest in a RMS CS-1 shower system and enjoy years of trouble-free relaxation!