• Cascade Shower CS-1 Mountain Waterfall


CS-1 Mountain Waterfall

Cascade Shower CS-1 Mountain Waterfall  adds specific touch which makes every spa experience unforgettable. Imagine a real mountain waterfall with crystal water in the master shower room of spa, bath-house or sauna.

With a simple touch of a handle you immediately get a powerful, invigorating stream of blue sparkling water refreshing and massaging your body. Who can resist the temptation to relax and cool down  under powerful crystal-clear mountain waterfall after a hot steam bath, massage, body scrub or other spa treatment?

RMS equipment provides stylish relaxing environment for all forms of hydrotherapy in spa. These types of treatment are traditionally known for its power to inspire creativity, provide stress-control and have a positive impact on overall health and well-being.

Rich and elegant chrome plated design and finish integrates beautifully with surrounding materials such as natural or engineered marble, tile, granite, quarts, glass or plastic.

RMS hydrotherapy equipment is designed with an eye for detail and attention to comfort, scale and quality and is always highly reliably and user-friendly.

Cascade shower CS-1 Mountain Waterfall is available in 4 different models:

See Specifications for product details.

High quality brass, copper, bronze and acrylic guarantee longevity and offer the best functionality of these ergonomic and highly advanced professional showers.

NOTE: Photos 1-2 courtesy of the City Spa.