C-280 T MC-08


C-280 T MC-08

Elegant hydrotherapy tub class Economy. This tub is equipped with different types of jets, providing all kinds of underwater hydrotherapy treatments including deep-tissue massage of a whirlpool, the light full-body air bubble massage and their combinations.

Underwater whirlpool massage effectively relaxes the muscle eliminating accumulated toxins. Air bubble massage with pre-heated air increases blood circulation and produces an effect of well-being throughout the whole body while relaxing the muscles and stimulating the production of endorphins. User-friendly electronic control allows multi-level control of the speed and intensity of the air bubble massage from the very soft to highly vigorous.

The perfect complement to its Jumbo Size is integrated aromatherapy system, ozone system, chromatherapy / underwater lights system and many other striking features.

Experience the quality difference.

C-280 T MC-08 is an advanced hydrotherapy tub, manufactured through different departments with extra care and attention given to each bath as it goes through the process.