Multishower System Combi Deluxe

Absolutely Unique Multishower System / Shower Room. Can include from 3 to 9 different types of therapeutic showers upon customers' request. This unique system is controlled by just one hydrotherapist / operator saving your spa / medical spa / resort huge amount of money and space.

This highly advanced Multishower System can be installed in middle size shower rooms with minimum square footage of app. 200-400sq.ft. Multishower System Combi-Deluxe is equipped with exclusive automatic water mixing and distributing system providing individual control of pressure and temperature for each water line / shower making it highly safe and reliable, easy to operate and low maintenance shower system.

Special professional showers and other wet room treatments will expand your business and improve client retention. High-end Multishower system will dramatically upgrade the concept and expand functionality of your spa, bath-house, sauna, steam room or banya.

RMS has the technology to give you visibility and control all along the way. Styling you've never seen. Handling you'd never expect. Features you'd never imagine.

Proudly made in USA


3 to 9 therapeutical showers

One operator controls all showers