Model PES-15 Standard/Manual

Commercial grade wall mounted shower panel.  Elegant acrylic body, chrome plated moldings and decals. It creates a gentle or vigorous  massage for the whole body.  A flow of water through  multiple showerheads/ water injectors creates different effects. High water pressure  stimulates blood circulation while medium water pressure creates state of relaxation. This type of hydrotherapy is very beneficial for overstressed people and provides relief from symptoms of tension, insomnia and stress. PES-15 shower panel treatment is a perfect complement to many spa packages.

High quality brass, copper, bronze and acrylic guarantee longevity and offer the best functionality of these ergonomic and highly advanced professional showers.

Rich and elegant chrome plated design and finish integrates beautifully with surrounding materials such as natural or engineered marble, tile, granite, quarts, glass or plastic.

RMS hydrotherapy equipment is designed with an eye for detail and attention to comfort, scale and quality and is always highly reliably and user-friendly.

Proudly made in USA

PES-15 Standard

Shower Head / Water Injector