Model Ambassador De-Luxe

Circular Swiss Shower Ambassador Deluxe is a cascading vertical spray shower equipped with 24 shower heads/ water injectors. It creates a gentle or vigorous rain shower from shoulders to anklets from above. Swiss Shower treatments are very beneficial for overall health and well-being. This treatment provides relief from symptoms of tension, insomnia and stress. Swiss Shower treatment is a perfect complement to herbal body wraps, skin exfoliation and massage therapy.

Circular Swiss Shower Ambassador  is equipped with automatic water mixing system / thermixer, Individual Control Panel UCP-SWSH and Universal Control Panel DR-101. Rich and elegant chrome plated design and finish integrates beautifully with surrounding materials such as natural or engineered marble, tile, granite, quarts, glass or plastic.

RMS hydrotherapy equipment is designed with an eye for detail and attention to comfort, scale and quality and is always highly reliably and user-friendly.

Proudly made in USA


Swiss Shower Ambassador De-Luxe

UCP-02-SWSH control panel