New Products


CS-1 Magic Waterfall Luxury SystemOriginally designed for use in European 5 star resorts and luxury private estates, the CS-1 line of shower waterfall panels represent the ultimate in luxury and relaxation. For less than the cost of a weekend at your favorite spa resort, you can have years of luxurious relaxation right in the comfort of your own home. Designed and manufactured in the USA, the CS-1 line is made form the highest quality materials and components. The panel is hand-crafted form the same exotic composite materials and processes used in the manufacturing of multi-million dollar luxury yachts. The valves are custom chrome-plated brass, machined exclusively for RMS.


Internal plumbing include stainless steel CS-2 Magic Waterfall Systemhoses and brass or galvanized fittings.  The CS-1 products are designed for DIY or professional installation. Since all the critical components are included in or with the panles, most panels can be installed without breaking into existing walls, resulting in low cost, inexpensive, same day installation! Similar construction would require multiple days of demolitions, installation and wall repair; a very expensive option especially if custome tile work is involved. Invest in a RMS CS-1 shower system and enjoy years of trouble-free relaxation!









Exclusive luxurious water proof entertainment center for use in luxurious shower rooms or outdoor. Completely protected against water spill / splash/ shower streams/rain, etc.This absolutely unique Entertainment Center can be installed and removed from the wall or any surface in seconds. Just unplug it and take it with you or bring it back and hang on two special hangers. Can be hanged on any vertical or even non-vertical surface. Create unforgettable magical light and music show environment in spa, shower or upscale back yard pool. Enjoy the exclusive luxury and comfort provided by the high-end marine grade entertainment center featuring AM/FM radio, CD player, 4 speakers, CD changer (10CDs) and wireless remote control. To create unusual and relaxing environment, Tropical Fantasy / Rain Forest X-tra Entertainment Center is equipped with unique integrated chromatherapy/ light system including 8 extra large lights (24 LED each), 25 extra-brigh mini-ligths (3 LED each), 267 LED total. This low voltage system has universal power supply 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz. Just plug in and enjoy! Also a part of Tropical Fantasy / Rain Forest X-tra Shower System. More


A new sophisticated design of a Tropical Fantasy Shower System!

Now you have a great choice between Tropical Fantasy and Tropical Fantasy - BIS systems. Tropical Fantasy BIS system allows you to integrate / built-into the wall both full body size shower panels.

No more hoses or hook-up pipes outside the walls! So easy to install. Panels come fully assembled and complete for pre-framed wall installation.

Very simple framing allows any plumber or contractor to install both panels within one hour and to tile around them using templates provided. A beautifully finished looks of this shower room envigorates and relaxes at the same time. Automatic water control system provides pre-set water temperature every time you turn on your shower. New DR-400 automatic water temperature control box will compliment even most elegant shower room design.

Exclusive luxurious shower system creates  magical environment and unforgettable spa experience. Two wall-mounted shower panels PES-15 Standard that   and oversized ceiling mounted head shower powered by automatic water mixing system  allow your client to get vigorous hydro massage for the whole body.  New advanced design of PES-15 panels allow to flush-mount them with the tile.

Tropical Fantasy Rain Forest Extra BIS   Enjoy  the luxury and comfort provided by the high-end marine grade entertainment center featuring AM/FM radio, CD player, 2 speakers, CD changer (10CDs) and wireless remote control. To create unusual and relaxing environment, Tropical Fantasy / Rain Forest X-tra  is equipped with integrated chromatherapy/ light system. Color and sound stimulate the brain creating relaxing therapeutic effects.  

High quality brass, copper, bronze and acrylic guarantee longevity and offer the best functionality of these ergonomic and highly advanced professional showers.

Rich and elegant chrome plated design and finish integrates beautifully with surrounding materials such as natural or engineered marble, tile, granite, quarts, glass or plastic.

All equipment is commercial grade designed to last forever.

A high quantity of different functions for your hydrotherapy tub is essential for your spa menu. Some accessories may add a significant quantity of treatments to the spa menu, expanding your client retention.

RMS tubs are designed to be used with a special professional system HYDROTOP that provides unique opportunities for any spa. Within less than 1 minute any therapist can easily install 2 or 3-segment HYDROTOP on a tub, converting it into a highly advanced, self-draining wet table with a specially molded head support, mattress pad and a comfortable face opening for back massage or other types of treatments requiring the client to lie down on the belly.

This is a really unique opportunity to double or triple the potency of this tub. Any type of facial, envelopments, peelings, salt glow, or other treatments can be added to your spa menu when you use HYDROTOP as a part of a tub package. A small amount of hot water keeps HYDROTOP permanently warm during treatment, providing your client with a co mfortable environment. Hand shower with adjustable intensity will make rinsing fast and easy. All the by-products of treatments automatically drain directly into main drain of the tub.



Crystal Cove LE offers a luxurious retreat from everyday stress. Its design philosophy combines beauty, craft and functionality. Elegant boat-shape body and enormous amount of interior space create a comfortable environment. Crystal Cove LE features 3HP extra quiet motor, creating a dramatic increase in both massage intensity and comfort level. It also generates extra powerful air massage with heated air. Crystal Cove Limited Edition hydrotherapy tub delivers a spa experience like no other. More

TR-320 MB-JL Underwater Massage Tub with a New Pressure Control and Dry Run Protection System

Now this beautiful and extra spacious tub comes equipped with unique control system protecting your boosting pump from dry run, overheating or overpressure caused by negligence or mishandling. System automatically shuts down the pump and gives the sound system informing the operator that he forgot to open the valve or to fill the tub with water. This is the best solution to protect your commercial grade spa tub from damage and big expense. With this tub you buy safety and piece of mind for years to come! More


New advanced design of the system features special shrouds that cover plumbing connections.  Cascade Shower CS-1 provides three different types of powerful hydro massage in one set:

Cascade Shower CS-1 Advanced Plus- Cascade Waterfall

- Jet massage provided by wall-mounted shower panel PES-15

- Charcot shower / manual hose massage

All types of massage are fully adjustable and controllable for  the therapeutic purpose.

Elegant, sophisticated, easy to use. Takes minutes to hang on the wall. Includes automatic water mixing and pressure balancing system.All you need to do when installing RMS professional showers is simply to prepare the right sized pipes inside the walls and floors. It is a relatively simple task for any plumber. All of the complicated plumbing connections, commercial grade thermixers and other parts are factory installed inside the equipment itself and therefore do not require inside wall or floor installation.

These important details make the whole process and installation of RMS professional tubs and shower systems easy, fast and affordable. The installation of most RMS equipment can be easily completed in one or two days even by a novice having only basic knowledge of plumbing. This will save you a big chunk of project budget.  

Excuisite styling allows RMS products to integrate beautifully with any surrounding materials such as natural or engineered marble, tile, granite, travertine, quartz, glass or plastic.  More


New body shape provides more leg room and comfortable knee placement.

Sturdy acrylic body.

Chrome plated molding and fixtures.

Low stool features adjustable spray nozzle with ON/OFF button.