Underwater Massage Tubs

This traditional full body  treatment is delivered in a state-of-the-art underwater massage tub.The therapeutic effect of the underwater massage comes from the relaxing effect of warm water applied at variable force. A stream of water under pressure is applied by means of a hose with adjustable spray nozzle.The therapist adds the appropriate oils, salts or sea products to encourage muscle relaxation.

RMS underwater massage tubs are available in  three different styles, models and sizes to fit your facility and budget. They are equipped with many features that make bathing pleasant and comfortable. Extra large RMS underwater massage tubs models TR-320 MA-JLP and TR-320 MB-JL are oversized. they are also very deep, anatomically ad ergonomically advanced. An oversized boat shaped tub provides enormous interior space and makes it comfortable for everyone, including very tall and plus size people. Comfortable anatomical tub shape cradles and supports the bather. It is very important that even very tall and plus size customers that are not rare at all feel extremely comfortable in such a  tub during treatment. This factor cannot be overlooked because of its importance. Hydrotherapy treatment can last for 30-60 minutes. During this time your client should be comfortable inside the tub or the effects of such a treatment would be significantly lower than expected.