Wet Tables

RMS Luxury Wet Tables have been designed for the day spa that desires to offer wet room treatments with affusion / Vichy shower massage, relaxation treatments, mud, seaweed envelopments, scrubs and similar applications. Special self-drain height adjustable wet massage tables for hydrotherapy treatments with comfortable water proof mattresses and headrests, etc. are successfully used for multiple spa treatments such as Affusion / Vichy shower, massage, peeling, envelopment, exfoliation, etc. 

Molded anatomically shaped table is designed for maximum comfort and relaxation. It limits water splash due to special design and self-drain base.  

RMS hydrotherapy equipment is designed with an eye for detail and attention to comfort, scale and quality and is always highly reliable and user-friendly.

Proudly made in USA

Affusion Vichy Shower with Wet Table B

Affusion Vichy Shower with Wet Table B